12th February 2014

Due to the closeness to Valentine’s Day, this evening delivered up quite a few songs of the romantic nature. Derek Burgess & Kitty Vernon started the ball rolling with a song specially written for them by Les Sullivan, & we finished with Polly Morris & her alternative look at eating out on the special day – ‘Dinner for One’.
Kevin Thomas delivered a top quality set for us all to sing along with, & was followed by local trio Kadia. Kadia are three very talented song writers & musicians & we look forward to welcoming them back to headline for us on 26th March.
Ruth Faulkner gave us a lovely set, & was followed by Alex Bedrijczuk performing without his band Fearne – you know how much we enjoy listening to you Alex. The night was finished by the lovely Polly Morris, with songs to make us all smile.
Despite the dreadful weather, our musicans played to a packed house, & we all enjoyed a fantastic evening.