28th November 2012

This was an evening of an enjoyably wide range of musical styles.  Tim Wilkinson started the evening for us in his stand-in role as MC, & singing his own haunting numbers, followed by a lovely set from Terry McDonald. Derek Burgess then encouraged us to join in with his songs, & Warwick Slade performed some of his own self-penned numbers. Half of Murphy’s really kept the singalong atmosphere going with their choice of well loved numbers.

In the second half, Carolan Burke joined with Sugarhand Dave & Don Miller for a set together, followed by Sugarhand on his own, giving us a polished selection of  blues & ragtime. Another evening threesome were Annie Christopher, her son Starfish, & fiddle player Nigel Canter. Bow Legged Skeeters finished the evening in toe-tapping bluegrass  style.

Thank’s to you all for continuing to support the club, &  giving us such a great evening.