19th November 2014

How lucky are we to have such talented performers support our friendly little club! Guitarist Bob Carter just gets better & better every time we see him, whilst Sophie Wright & Richard Wirdnam showcased some of their songs from ‘The King’s Shilling’.
Along with Terry & Crispin performing as McFlute, Kevin Thomas with his singalong songs, & acapella numbers from Bill Hesp, & our MC Derek Burgess with partner Kitty Vernon, we had a wonderful mix of music, & a great evening was had by all.



5th November 2014

This was a lovely evening with more performers experiencing our wonderful acoustics for the first time. Derek & Kitty started off followed by a great set from Stilts, newly returned from many years in Australia along & Bill Hesp. Next up was Vic Salt from Salisbury, & then the swinging Rockshandies, Steve & Simon. Don Miller with guitar, & John Ingram with banjo were each persuaded to a couple of numbers for us too.

We finished off with great special feature spots from Paul Openshaw followed by Polly Morris, both with great self written songs, & usually with a twinkle in their eyes & a bit of tongue in cheek!

15th October 2014

There was a wide range of music tonight, from acapella with Bill Hesp, & also Mervin Else, to ever popular guitarists & singers. The lovely singing of Lorna FranklinĀ  was accompanied by Jim Brown on guitar. Buzz Culliton joined us for his last evening before returning to his native Australia, followed by the flute, guitar & voice of McFlute.

The highlight of the evening was Will McNicol. The playing of his guitars is an experience not to be missed. Will is a true magician & master of his art.

1st October 2014

Last night a packed house enjoyed a great night of music. Members of Bow Legged Skeeters,Rich Filleul, & Pete Minkey with Lindsey Cole, both did individual spots. Don Miller did a range of cover songs & had us singing along with him. The Rock Shandies, Simon & Steve, impressed us so much when they played for us two weeks, that we pleased to welcome them back again.
Australian,Buz Culliton & his bouzouki give us a collection of Irish ballads, & Kiity Vernon, on her own & with partner Derek Burgess, gave us some great accapella songs which really did justice to the wonderful acoustics of the Brunswick’s Atrium Room.The evening was topped off by the lovely Polly Morris singing her own songs of life, love & topped off with her ownspecial brand of humour.
Thank you to everyone who joined us this week, & continuing to help the club settle into our new home

17th September 2014

Last night we finally had our first club night in our new home in the Atrium Room at The Brunswick Hotel. What a great night we had thanks to Jonny Phillips, of Willowen, Terry McDonald, Simon & Steve aka The Rockshandies, & Ed Kennedy ,of 8# /Eight Sharp. The evening was topped off by a great performance from the nationally renowned Les Sullivan.


Kitty Vernon, Les Sullivan, & Derek Burgess

10th September 2014

So here we are in our new home with our new name! After last minute stress over a double booked room, Brunny Folk took over the lounge bar at the Brunswick Hotel last night & enjoyed a wonderful night of music. Thank you so much to all the audience for being so understanding & of course the performers who made it all possible – Derek & Kitty, Sue Pugh & Dave Lambert, Andrew Foster, Threadbare Ravens, A Half of Murphy’s, & Ninebarrow,with a little help from Kadia.



29/30th June 2014

Folk on the Quay, Poole – Festival Club

Thank you so much to all the wonderful support we received over the weekend from our superb performers, generous audience, MC’s Nigel & Andy, & of course Andy again for his top class sound engineering … & ultra quick change overs.


25th June 2014

Last night we hadĀ  feature spots from Nick Manley, Jonny Phillips, from Willowen, & also Polly Morris, with support from Steve West & Bill Hesp. This was a superb night of music shared with many friends who had joined us at Fiveways Folk for the past two years. This was our final night at the Fiveways before we move to our great new home in September.

23rd April 2014

Thank you to everyone who played for us tonight. Louise Anderson did a stunning headline, accompanied by John & Caroline Anderson. Nigel Waite also did us proud with his feature spot. Two top class performers & great support from Les Wild, Polly Morris, Steve West, Bob Fry, & Bill Hesp.
Another gem of a Fiveways night, & fully appreciative audience!

28th May 2014

Tonight brought us a fantastic mix of blues,jazz, americana & traditional british folk. Derek Burgess & Kitty Vernon started the evening off followed by local Bill Hesp, & by Don Miller making a welcome return to the club.
Mitchell & Vincent travelled from the Dorset/ Somerset & did a lively feature spot with fiddle & guitar, & had us singing along & tapping our toes.
Graham Carter lives in Scotland, but we were so pleased to have him join us during his visit to his home town of Poole. Yet another top quality performer we hope will be able to join us again.
The Walker Broad Band were our headliners, & their blues/jazz/folk mix of music & song was a superb finish to a wonderful night of music. Thank you to all the great musicians & the audience who enjoyed them.