12th June 2013

Thank you to all the super performers who contributed to such a lovely evening. Mike Jones, Bob Fry, & Steve West all did their first sets for us at Fiveways, & were all well received. Carolan Burke & Dave McKenzie were as enjoyable as usual, with Carolan’s shruti box gaining a lot of attention.

The first half was finished by another newcomer Louise Anderson – what a lovely voice! Louise sang both accapella, & accompanied by John & Caroline Anderson. Dad certainly has every reason to be proud!

We were then treated to a couple of songs from our MC, Derek Burgess. Derek did a great job ensuring the smooth running of the evening after being given the job as he walked in the door, just 5 mins before we started! We were then lucky enough to welcome the great Glen Ross to do his first set for us at Fiveways. By the end of the evening, Klezmer Concordion had done a great job introducing us to the history & sound their special style of music …. loved it –  & I was dancing too! A real mix of music tonight, but all very enjoyable. Thank you everyone!



Klezmer Concordion