Our First Birthday 23.9.13

From ‘Happy Birthday’ to ‘Harmony in the Walls’, tonight’s celebration of our first year gave a warm welcome to many talented musicians, & an appreciative audience too.

We were very pleased to introduce special guest, internationally renowned shanty singer Tom Lewis, just back from a festival in the The Netherlands. Also doing sets for us were Pat O’Dea, Angus Todd, & club new comers Richard & Lesley Quayle. Polly Morris did a feature spot & had us singing harmonies, laughing, & just enjoying her unique songs.

In the second half, Sugarhand Dave & Carolan Burke gave us a bit of celtic music with a twist, followed by our headliners, the Walker Broad Band. Was it folk, blues, jazz?…….. it was all of those & more! Such a fantastic finish to a great night.

Thank you everyone – here’s to year two! Cheers!!


BLOG FROM SANDY WALKER of WALKER BROAD BAND – http://webplus.broad.ology.org.uk/walkerbroad/blog.php?blogid=137#blog

There have been many activities afoot since last we met, the most recent of which was the visit to Bournemouth on Wednesday evening to headline at the Fiveways Folk. What a lovely, lovely crowd of people in a really intimate acoustic space. There were several, brilliant club spots including my most favourite sea shanty singer mr Tom Lewis  http://www.tomlewis.net/index.htm we met him at the Gosport folk festival in the Spring arranged by the lovely Shep Wooley (see March blogs), he told me to get out from behind the piano and I was glad to be able to show him I was taking his advice, for this night anyway, it being a totally acoustic gig ‘n all! Well, apart from a little electrickery for the bassist, you know!? It was a real treat to see him again!


Another favourite for me that evening was the very lovely Polly Morris http://www.pollymorris.co.uk/ she sang some really wonderful songs, totally spot on with her observations of human nature if you ask me and my absolute favourite, had the whole place howling with laughter, was ‘Guitar Shop Song’. Oh boy, have I been there, wanting to be impressive and feeling totally underwhelming in the presence of people you imagine to be so much better than you! Absolute genius! Look forward to seeing her again, do catch her if you can!


My contribution started with knocking knees, often the way I find when I don’t have the comfort blanket of my piano or even a microphone to hide behind! I need not have worried, the audience were lovely, a singalong crowd when possible and I really look forward to playing for them again! What was especially great was knowing they were listening to the words, alot of the nuance which is often lost on other audiences was really appreciated by this intelligent crowd, so when I sang the saucy bits they noticed and, of course, I blushed accordingly 😉