14th November 2012


Wednesday 14th saw our second evening of good music.   The  first half comprised of sets from Carolan Burke and Val, Frank Boyle, Don Miller, Les Wild, Nigel Waite, Take Thackray and Jasmine Newsome-Stone.   Good singing and great harmonies from the audience which our intimate venue encourages!

The second half of the evening were our first Headliners, Magpie Chatter, and what a stunning set they gave us.   The voices of Tim Wilkinson and Andy Stone blended perfectly and they performed some beautifully crafted songs.  Andy played a moving guitar solo  entitled “Barry’s song” in memory of Barry Cheeseman who had inspired him musically.   Although only together as a musical duo for a short time, they produce an exciting range of music in such a way that one would believe they had always worked together.  We are positive they will go a long way on the music scene.  If you haven’t heard them then don’t miss the opportunity when it arises.

Magpie Chatter